1 Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Tehran

2 M. A in Cultural Studies


This article studies the narrative of Iran-Iraq war(1980-1988) in three novels:”The Journey Towards 270 Degree” by Ahmad Dehqan, “No Watery, No Soil” by Ali Moazeni and ”Scorpion On the Steps of Andimeshk Rail Road” by Hossein Mortezaeian Abkenar. In the sight of narrative theories and methods this study first illustrates the novels’ structures and superstructures in order to analyze their deep structures. Life and death, as the principal components of the deep structure, have been defined and classified based on analyzing the text, the genre of narrative and titles of the occurrences. In”The Journey Towards 270 Degree” life is the dominant aspect of the structure and content, versus, in “No Watery, No Soil” death and martyrdom are illustrated as the dominant aspects. Finally, in” Scorpion on the Steps of Andimeshk Rail Road”, neither death nor life are dominant, rather its narrative and structure depict a purgatorial aspect between life and death.