1 Faculty Member University of Tehran

2 PhD. Student of Communications, University of Tehran

3 PhD. Student of Geography, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Science and Research Branch


Studying the Location and spatial performances as a part of human behavioris discussed in semiotics nowadays. These man-made effectsare including information and meaning that is the subject of semiotics. Cultural landscapes reflected their dominant cultures and can reveal the meaning as targeted by the creator of the effects or human. Hence, semiotic of cultural landscape is considered to be one of the ways and means of understanding meaning in human living environment. In this way, cultural landscapes are reviewed as the text and context. For discovering such texts or contexts through cultural landscapes, their signification and meaning can be employed.
This research is exploring of meaning and contains of cultural landscapes by semiotics and its method. This research reveals that studying about cultural landscapes as "text" and "context" with consideration time conditions, cultural signs and symbols play important role in understanding them. Because, these effectsas tangiblephenomenonare connected with internal fact of human, through them the meaning can be discovered. Hence, this meaning discovering is obtained by semiotics.