Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


Assistant Professor in Neurological Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University


Back Ground and Purpose: Cultural values are individual’s behaviors, insights and believes in each culture. Measuring cultural value requires valid cognitive tools that do not suffer from examinant and examiner bias. The purpose of present study is designing and validating an incidental measure for evaluating cultural value. Method: In present cross sectional study, 308 individual with mean age 22.68 years were evaluated with cognitive social dilemma and Husted's cultural dimension questionnaire. Pearson correlation test and Chi Square were used for validation and gender difference evaluation. Results: Dilemma of each value correlate with collectivity (P<0.01), muscularity (P<0.05), tolerance of ambiguity (P<0.05) and power of distance (P<0.01). Participants were collective, masculine, accepter of ambiguity and power of distance. Female significantly have higher long term orientation (P<0.01).Conclusion: Cultural valence could be measure with social- cognitive dilemma. Social- cognitive dilemma that developed in present study is valid measure of cultural values.