Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 M.A in Sociology, University of Guilan

2 Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Guilan


In new social theories, space is a social product that all pillars of society is involved in it s production. Therefore, like other social products, power can be involved in its construction and administration and it can be said that space is the intersection point of power. Gender segregation in public spaces is one of the political technologies of power that aim to control and manage urban spaces. Following the ideas of Foucault, the main issue of this paper is resistance that is formed against power exercising through gender segregation of public spaces. In addition to Foucault, to illustrate the angels of power exercising through space, the theory of Henri Lefebvre was considered and finally to clarify the importance of gender, implicit in this issue, Judith Butler is referred. Qualitative research method and specifically observation and interview were used to answer the research questions. Here we study the lived experiences of 16 female students from public universities in Tehran. According to the findings, the implementation of disciplinary techniques of space at the level of universities has not created an obedient subject who merely consumes the space. But, a creative and active space consumer is formed that scramble to meet her demands in public spaces.