Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Yazd

2 M.A in Sociology


The issue of the youth's national identity concerning their constructive roles in their countries’ destiny is so important. The importance of national identity is due to the fact that it is present in all domains of culture, society, politics and even economy: The youths are most likely to follow their parent’s behavior hence family in this regard is considered to be an influential factor. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of family in constructing yazdi student's national identity. The methodology followed in the present study is survey and cross-sectional the time. 120 high school were selected applying Cochran formula and stratified sampling. A valid and reliable questionnaire was used in order to collect required information. Doing pretest by 40 questioners. The study also had fact validity since the problematic and ambiguous items in the questionnaire were detected and revised as a result of consultation with some scholars. In order to estimate the reliability of measures in this study, alpha cronbach coefficient was used and the obtained data was analyzed by means of the statistical package for Social Sciences(SPSS). The results of the study revealed that there is a significant relationship between the youth's national identity on the one hand and their gender, parent’s national identity, use of mass media and friendly relations with parent's on the order. Furthermore, it was confirmed that there is no significant relationship between the youth's national identity and variables such as age, dimention of family, education, parent's social and economic status as well as family unity family cohesion, Family empathy and dialoge. The result of the multiple regression analysis indicated that gender has the most direct influence on the student's national identity. Furthermore, gender and parent's national identity had direct relationship with the dependent variables.