Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 M.A in Persian Literature, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, University of Tehran

3 M.A in Educational Researches


The issue of national identity became an important discussion in Mashrooteh era; concern about national identity in many works of writers of this era clarifies position of this historical period. Among those writers is the father of Iranians short stories, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh. According to this, the purpose of present study was to examine the extent of attention to symbols of national identity in the Jamalzadeh's stories (Once Upon a Time, bitter and sweet, old and new, our story came to the end) across Various stages of his literary life. The Design of this research was descriptive and its Methodology was qualitative that doing via content analysis method. For this end, by exploring the symbols of national identity in theoretical discussions, and literature review some components of national identity were defined and the structure of content analysis was prepared and then based on this structure, the amount and type of attention to the national identity symbols is evaluated. The results of comparison among the components of national identity symbols in Jamalzadeh's stories showed the largest frequency belongs to "language" and after that, geology, history, literature; celebrities and culture are the most frequent components. Moreover, contemplation in Jamalzadeh's works revealed that he apparently has focused on the visible and materialistic structure of identity more than the epistemic structure. In general, qualitative analysis of Jamalzadeh's stories has shown that he allocates more attention to component of national identity in all of their works; his works depend on context and has an Iranian construction. Nonetheless, we can say he didn't live in Iran but, in their stories he lived with an Iranian culture and Iranian people.