Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor in Anthropology, Institute for Social and Cultural Studies

2 M.A in Iranian Studies


Throughout history, many Iranian communities have migrated to India. Some of them integrated into Indian society, some others lived there as a minority with their special Iranian identity. During early 20th century a community immigrated from Kemran and south area of Iran. Now they are known as Irani, Gharibe (foreigner, and Baluchi. This Baluchis are different from Iranian and Pakistani Baluchis. The main center of Baluchis in India is Bhopal in MP. The problem is that how they identify themselves and their identity. During my fieldwork within this community, r found that they define fluid and dynamic identity. Their discursive and synthetic experience of identity showed that fluid and layered identity is possible in not only modem, but also in traditional multicultural context. Our data shows that Baluchis through their layered identity have been able to sustain and to continue their Indo-lranian identity.