Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Mazandaran

2 Faculty Member , Jahad Daneshgahi (Mazandaran Branch)

3 PhD Student of Sociology, University of Mazandaran


From a sociological perspective. Hjjab is formed in the context of social relations in which the framework. women's issues with cultural. social. political. Economic and religious factors. spiritual. personality and behavior that is different from the paradigms and perspectives is worthy. The purpose of this study is social factors associated with the tendency of female students to wear veil. The statistical population of female students studying at the University make up the number in 1390 was equal to 13,000. 560 of whom have a multi-stage cluster sampling method was selected to the questionnaire with reliability 0.74 responded Results of multivariable regression analysis showed that the most Important variable influencing the direction and lends 10 veil has been the attitudes 10 feminism variable. Other variables affecting status, lifestyle and location. Analytical model explained only 33% of the factors affecting be as two conflicting tendencies. as a moderate 10 strong in university student.