Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associate Professor in Cultural and Communications, Imam Sadiq University

2 PhD Candidate in Cultural and Communications, Imam Sadiq University


Public diplomacy and its leading role in the present world enjoy a high level of importance that diplomacy agents of those countries are chosen among the most intelligent ones to the extent that their intelligence quotients are higher than employed people in other more sensitive occupations. In the present era, culture intelligence is one of the intelligences that are considered to be one of the critical components in improving the current state of diplomats and cultural attaches. In the present research, different aspects of cultural intelligence of 44 cultural attaches (on a mission) of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization as one of the main institutions of the Islamic republic of Iran in the international arena of public diplomacy is assessed separately through a localized questionnaire of America Cultural Intelligence Center. Findings of the research indicate that motivational aspect of cultural intelligence among cultural attaches is at the highest level and their behavioral aspect at the lowest level and behavioral aspect is considered to be as the most important weak point for which some suggestions are made in the following parts for their promotion.