Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Mazandaran

2 M.A in Sociology, University of Mazandaran


Negative social sanction by others to the real or imagined behavior of an actor that, either by the intention of the behavior of others or the perceptions of the actor on theoretical perspective, labeling theory, factors "the ironic view that punishment often makes individuals more likely to commit crime because of altered interactional structures, fore closed legal opportunities and secondly Labeling theory believed that as soon as possible it should separate deviance. students from Formal and informal labeling. Because their primary deviant experience after labeling deviant, turn to criminal behavior university to deviant valued by using labeling theory. The research studies attitude of Mazandaran University students' toward deviant behaviors and 410 students were randomly selected as the sample. Results showed that there is direct and significant relationship among informal labels of deviant behavior background, faculty members' evaluation of students and student self- evaluation on attitude toward deviant behavior.