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Assistant Professor in Political Science, University of Isfahan


Self' and "other" are among the concepts that their relationship has been Some contemporary scholars conclude that the relation between. Questioned the two should finished by the necessity of another hearing and dialogue with the other And emphasize that this important point has not received much attention in the Western philosophy. For several reasons, there is little attention to listening and dialogue with others. In this article we will examine just one of these reasons: un-cultural definition of the other make interaction between us and the other impossible. As an example, we will remind some medieval Christian priests, Richard Burton and de Gobineau who differentiate themselves based on the curse of God, weather and race; components which empathize on none-cultural and involuntary differences. Un-cultural definition of the other, make the relation between self and other on "I - it" ratio. Biruni as an example of a cultural perspective to the other, with a definition of the other based on language, religion and customs, made the relationship with the other on" I-Thou" ratio.