Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


Assistant Professor in Anthropology, Institute for Social and Cultural Studies


Hawzeh as educational institution has been one of the important socio-cultural institution in Iran. During the Islamic middle ages this institution was the educational center, but since spreading modernism in Iran it has been reduced to religious one. In the past Talabe or student went to Howzeh to learn all traditional sciences, but in contemporary time they learn only religious one. Traditional there have been some rules to educate the Talabe that called Zii Talabegi or ethos of studentIn this paper I tried to illustrate, interpret the Zii Talabegi and its socio cultural signification. For this purpose I used the idea of Habitus in Bourdiue's approach. I collected my data theoug fieldwork and documentary methods. Zii Talabegi as a habitus is the base to construct the Talabegi Habitun and homo-Hawzavi. This habitus is based on the sacred/ profane binary. In worldview of Hawzeh, Talabe is appertained to religious field. This basic rule shapes hislher every behavior in lingual, consumption and body techniques. As a conclusion, the habitus of Talabe through the aspects, like the saced/profane binary, ritual life and communitas group in the field of Hawzeh and religious field of Iranian culture has beed re/constructed.