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Communication, Faculty of Communication Studies, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran.


This paper by introducing a new concept of "exteriorism" in media audience studies, intends to study the "exteriorists" who has been consciously boycott Iranian state TV. According to the authors, the experience of exteriorism is unique and different in any Countries and societies. This qualitative study was conducted by using of In-depth interviews and within the methodological frameworks have studied the grounded theory. Data was collected through 29 semi-structured In-depth interviews. Upon completion of coding and categorizing interviews data in this methodology, presents a theoretical model about exteriorists of Iranian state television. This study aimed to identify perceptions within the meaning of exteriorists as a preface to pull them out, by considering 118 concepts through individual in-depth interviews that formed a theoretical analyzing. Based on results, three main typology of exteriorists experiences as follows; "Resistance and protestation", "Avoid of vulgarity" & "unhappiness of entertainment". Innovation in this paper is achieving recognition of the audience by negation logic & The authors believes that media policy making needed to same deep recognition like this.


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Khaniki, H., & Yahyaei, S. (2017). Exteriorists of IRIB in Iran. Journal of Iran Cultural Research, 10(1), 59-85.   doi: 10.22631/ijcr.2017.328