Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associated Professor, Sociology of International communication, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Culture and Communication, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran.

2 PhD Student, Media Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.


Today, one of the most influential and popular media production in the world in terms of the impact on education and training of children and adolescents, is animation movies especially those that are made in Hollywood. Since these 3D Animation movies have been created, these kind of products have been changed considerably and concepts of them have promoted significantly. Due to this, in this research, using qualitative content analysis, the content of these types of animations have been studied. In this study, six animation movies "Ice Age", "Kung Fu Panda", "Frozen", "Brave", "Ratatouille" and "Everyone’s Hero," are analyzed and in the end Codes and then themes of each of them are extracted. Finally, themes categorized into concepts that result in extracted 26 concepts which training effects of these concepts have been studied in three levels. Some of more important of main concepts in findings are relativity of values, desacralizing, emphasizing on the importance of family, the necessity of believing in something that needs to be done, and so on. Eventually impacts of different levels’ concepts have been studied and compared from positive and negative impacts and then theoretical and practical aspects.


Main Subjects

Bashir, H., & Javaheri, J. (2017). Analysis of hollywood animation movies through an educational approach. Journal of Iranian Cultural Research, 10(1), 87-116.   doi: 10.22631/ijcr.2017.329