Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science, Department of Cultural Studies, Institute for Social and Cultural studies, Tehran, Iran


Development, in a new purport, requires its own special culture; in a way that it arises from within a particular culture and the same is its backer and supporter. Based on this statement, any state that pursues one of the forms of this development, it must inevitably also provide its cultural context otherwise; development turns into its antithesis. But development-oriented cultural transformation is sometimes accompanied by the omission of some of the pre-existing cultural variables. Cultural anthropology - a study of culture in general meaning – is in the process to recognize, on the one hand, the plurality of cultures by accepting the principle of cultural relativism, and the other hand, consider cultural necessities of development based on a new wave of development and requirement with a value-based approach. With a new branch of anthropology called developmental anthropology, this study with the help of the logic of the lower natives, tries to challenge the developmental elites and make them aware of the consequences of their hasty decisions. In other words, this article intends to analyze the challenge of cultural anthropology and propose some solutions. Today, anthropology seeks to bridge multiple realities of the human world on the one hand, and preserve cultural pluralism as a source of cultural creativity on the other.


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