Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor of Sociology Department of Yasouj University

2 Ph.D. in sociology. Yasouj University, Iran



This research is carried out with the main purpose of discovering and divulging the hidden and obvious themes of social malingering in the actions of the characters of the movie A Hero, by Asghar Farhadi. these basic questions of this research is: Why in a society people who perform the most obvious moral and civic duties are glorified as a hero?, and what is the relationship between the phenomena of the social malingering and the constructing a hero in everyday life?

This research was conducted using a qualitative method and content analysis technique. The method used to analyze the qualitative content of the film is inspired by the techniques of narratology with Thematic Coding.

According to the findings of this research, Showing and the constructing a hero is a salve for the public conscience in a lifeworld where social malingering is the inevitable strategy of people for the survival of their honor and social acceptability. Phenomena such as the social malingering and the constructing a hero in everyday life, in the mutual relationship and dialectic of attempt and failure, the inefficiency of social and political institutions, individuality cult, ideological moralism, ontological insecurity and the reduction of social capital, produce and reproduce each other. And maybe the social malingering and the constructing a hero as strategies for survival, especially the survival of honor and social acceptability in interactions and everyday life, are the last type of social action and initiative to protect oneself and society.


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