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The main issue of the present study is how the power field is represented in this series. In order to answer the problem, Pierre Bourdieu's theory were used as a theoritical approach. Methodologically, Bourdieu's Genetic Structuralism methodology was used and this text was analysed using methods of documentary analysis and and technique of thematic analysis in three levels of habitus, structure and the relationship between the power field and other fields. The results indicate that the power field is structurally heterogeneous field and a place of competition between agents with religious-traditional habitus and agents of economic habitus. In terms of intra-field relationship, the power field is directly and indirectly related to all social fields, and it has affected other fields’ structure such as the justice, economic, law and politics fields. The influence of utilitarian agents of the power field on law, politics, justice and economy has reduced the relative independence of these fields on the one hand, and has led to the spread of corruption in these fields on the other hand. Of course, the greater relative independence of the justice field has made it possible for justice-oriented social agents in the power field to monitor and investigate the activities of social agents in other fields, and to be able to control illegal activities of other social agents carefully, and eradicate the corrupt power network that has formed in society. This means that one must hope for the future.


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Anaseri, A., Rahmati, A., Emamalizadeh, H., & Mahdavi Kandeh, D. (2015). Separation and lies: Sociological analysis of the movie "Separation". Sociological Journal of Art and Literature, 7 (1), 81-100.