1 Assistant Professor, Daculty of World Studies

2 M. A. in Communications

3 M. A Student of American Studies, University of Tehran

4 M. A. Student of American Studies, University of Tehran


The present article analyzes the effects of globalization on individual behavior. Globalization through the communication technology and information revolution has caused the time and place borders to fade away. It has also led to the expansion of individual values among the local cultures that can present their values to the world. Television satellite channels are among the most important tools for the promotion of these norms and cultural values in socities. This article analyzes the effects of fashion satellite channels on the educated Iranian female. It tries to find out to what extent social and individual actions are based on conscious and/or unconscious global communicative perceptions and see if satellite as a powerful communication medium can affect educated Iranian youth. Using surveys and analyzing the data, it can be concluded that those fashion satellite channels that advertise western-style custumes have affected the educated girls in our society. However, these effects have usually been conscious-based rather than behavior-based. This study shows that these effects have been more influencial on the consumers’ knowledge rather than their social behaviours and actions.