Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Payame Noor


Attention to culture in politics, like this, is a new subject. Most part of research about political culture in Iran has been focused on Almond and Verba thesis of political culture. This paper for measuring of political culture and typology of it, use Inglehart and Welzel (2005) thesis about political culture- it is called "self experiment".
This paper is a survey study by control of terms, is a broaden study by extended and is a cutting study by time (in the second half of 1388). The population is the entire person that has more than 18 years old in Sanandaj city. The sample size based on Kockran formula is 349. The questionnaires with suitable structures validity (based on Kronbagh's coefficient of Alfa) in the ratio of age, sex in deferent areas have been distributed.
There are many research results: The mead of political culture in Sanandaj city was in type of Democratic capacity. Results show that there are meaningful relation between type of political culture and ethnic tolerance approach.