Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Isfahan

2 M.A in Social Research


Interpretive signs explain the purpose of the present paper is the study of the spatial domain is performed. One of the signs used in Ardabil urban context the term "sabalan" is. Wide range of shops, goods, or a combination of  Graffiti and institutions such as the use of their names or decorate. This study is based on descriptive phenomenology and structures of the symbols were drawn through analysis of data obtained from interviews with a dozen people from Ardabil citizens have been studied. Phenomenological analysis based on an analytical model of the Ardabil Moustakas codes used in different types of signs to interpret. They are symbolic space that is created by their own statements, codes of expression, based on similar forms with the forms of expression, emotion, and sacred being described, they are harvested. These codes can be produced in a limited framework, with which they are faced by the people, in spite of their freedom to withdraw preferential, in this context is read.