Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor in Sociology, Universty of Shiraz

2 M.Sc. in Women Studies, University of Shiraz


The aim of this research is the study of the relationship between life style and social identity among youth. After reviewing local and international literature, while considering theories about cultural globalization (life style) and social identity, a theoretical framework regarding theories of Giddens was formulated.The method of this study was survey and its tool was questionnaire. Statistical society of the present research was the youth in Bandar Abbas (city in Iran). The sampling method used in this survey was multi-stage share random sampling. Sample size that was estimated according to Lin Table with 95 percent significance level and 4 percent error was 406. The double variable analysis in this research suggested that there was a significant relationship among the variables: religious life style, traditional musician life style, modern musician life style and focused on body life style with the dependent variable of social identity. Moreover, according to the multivariable regression results the variables of religious life style, modern musician life style, traditional musician life style, sporty life style and friendly life styleIntimacytotally explained 62.7 percent of the changes social identity.