Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Department of Tourism Management, West Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

2 M.A in Regional Development Planning


Sustainable development is therefore what the tourism industry of the twenty-first century should strive to achieve. The sustainability paradigm has become "an attractive topic" that promises sustainable growth forthe present and into the future. If, sustainable development is one of the objectives of this era of tourism industry, evaluating it's performance and effects in economy, social-cultural and environmental dimensions of tourism destinations is essential. This research aims, study sustainability of social-cultural dimension of tourism development in Kish Island as a tourism destination. This Island in among of Iranian island in Persian Golf, is one of the oldest and important destination for tourists in this area. For assessing sustainability of social-cultural tourism development in Kish Island, some stages has been taken. Finally, the result of field survey research and questionnaire is show that sustainability of social-cultural tourism development in Kish Island is not happen. In the end of research, w e proposed suggestions for make more sustainability of social-cultural advantages from tourism development for host community.