Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor in Figh and Islamic Laws, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor , Imam Hosseyn University


According most of thinkers in the modern world, the dominant discourse in the 21st century is the superiority of "soft" power to the "hard" power. The soft power, by nature, is not consisted of warfare, economic capabilities, production, resources and wealth, but it is the ability to expand Western norms into Islamic societies and raise them to the position of beliefs and values.
Islamic evolution's soft power is fundamentally different than what is being promoted in the Western culture of liberal democracy. In such version of soft power, materialistic elements are incorporated into the new look to the mankind, human thought, society and spirituality. This has resulted in new functions such as reviving the identity of the Muslim world, promoting Islamic awakening, renovation of the modern Islamic civilization, changing the balance of power in the region, challenging the western hegemony, opening a third front in the international relations, inspiration, playing the role of front-runner in the global cultural revolution and regional convergence and cooperation. This has also created a new approach in deterrence power in the fonn of positive impacts of soft power and the cultural essence of the Islamic revolution on other elements of power in the international relations. All this has provided the Muslims and freedom-seekers of the world with new methods and tools which should be regarded as unique and unprecedented. The current paper uses a mixture of documented and operational methodologies. Various techniques such as Lisser, SPSS, non-parametric tatistical
inference methods and Friedman binomial test, Pearson correlation and Spearman tests are also used to substantiate the arguments.