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Assistant Professor in Historical Archaeology, Shiraz University of Arts, Shiraz, Iran.


Ethno- archaeological Study on relationship Bakhtiari Nomads and khereft-khane
Archaeologist for a long times study on today’s societies at some theories as direct historical approach and with ethnographic data reconstruction last societies. A part of their researches what is there in folklore. According to what today there is among the people living in the Bakhtiari region, some of people believe that some archaeological remains as ossuaries are in relation with nomads and believe that they placed old people there to during immigration. What is examined in this article, the geographic area is considered as a field of research at first and then look anthropologically, Bakhtiari people and their customs review and with an archaeological approach, new archaeological study data, attempts to assess this matter that it comes from the minds of the general public due to their lack of familiarity with detailed user sees these works.
keywords: Ossuary, Bakhtiari Nomads, Ethnography, Archaeology, Ancient Iran


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