Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, University of Ayatollah Borujerdi, Borujerd, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, AllamehTabatabai University, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Institute for Social and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran


Various studies have been carried out on how to deal with critics and intellectual circles with the West, but this study seeks to study the students' mental attitudes about Western civilization using an interpretive approach. The fundamental question that the study seeks to answer is that: Students study how they understand Western civilization and their subjective meanings based on what conceptual model can be interpreted? This study uses the interpretive approach and the theoretical concepts of "social construction", "interpersonal relations", "intercultural communication" and the concept of "own and other" have been used in this study. This research is a qualitative study. In this research, using the technique of deep interviewing, the tendency of the subjects to be extracted from the western civilization and then analyzed using the method of analytic analysis. Considering that the study approach is an inductive approach, instead of asking about the general concept of Western civilization, it is tried to ask participants about different manifestations of the West and their approach to each of the manifestations of Western civilization Separate face to face. Finally, after the open coding and extracted concepts, three main categories were extracted: Thematic Analysis, Partial West-Enhancement, Substantiation of West-Element, Western-Subjective Approach, that all of which were classified under the heading of the category of selective relativism.


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