Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Professor of Communication, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran

2 PhD Candidate of Communication, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran


Dialogue as an important communication action, is one of the topics that has been less addressed in the field of communication science and most of the research has been done in the area of mass communication. Meanwhile, doing research in the field of human and interpersonal communication with a case-by-case perspective and a qualitative method that seeks to understand and describe a pure reality, is noteworthy in the field of communications science research. Therefore, in this research, we intend to study the class interactions in dialogical oriented sessions to clarify the structure, dimensions and components of the inquiry based dialogue. Conversation analysis studies the order/organization/orderliness of social actions, particularly those which are located in everyday interaction, in discursive practices, in the sayings/ tellings /doings of members of society. Therefore, one of the main results of conversational analysis is to identify this system with chain patterns, which builds structure upon oral behaviors during the interaction. The classroom conversational analysis shows that the overall structure of these conversations is forwarding, which means that when an idea is expressed in response to a question, participants are required to respond to an "agreement" or "opposition" to that idea. This reaction often leads to the correction and completion of the initial idea or clarification of it. People interconnect between the ideas proposed and say their inference from the discussion process. This kind of dialogue requires not only good intellectual stances, but also a commitment to results and rational orientation.


Main Subjects

Khaniki, H. (2008). Dar jahān-e goft-o-gu [In the world of dialoge]. Tehran, Iran: Hermes.