Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associated professor, Teaching Persian Language to other speaker. Imam Khomeini International university

2 Master of Persian Language Teaching to speakers of other languages. Imam Khomeini International University


Considering the paramount influence of culture on linguistic communication among human beings, the expansion of intercultural communication competence in learners in the process of language learning is highly imperative. Due to the lack of field research on this subject, the present study intends to investigate non-Iranian Persian language learners’ views on culture and intercultural communication competence. The study sample consists of 104 Persian language learners from different countries who are studying in Iran. The results of this study are based on the analysis of the data obtained via a structured questionnaire. Accordingly, Persian language learners believed that instructors enhanced their language skills and enabled them to use Persian for academic purposes. But they argued that the level of motivation of teachers to teach them was not satisfactory. In addition, the findings revealed that, since the participants were residing in Iran at the time of the study, they were largely familiar with the country, culture, and people of Iran. However, they were not satisfied with the amount of time devoted to culture and intercultural communication skills in Persian language textbooks intended for non-Persian speakers. One of the implications of the study was that intercultural communication skills need to be addressed in Persian language classrooms so that the learners could acquire intercultural communication competence.


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