1 Assistant Professor for Urbanism, Islamic Azad University, Branch of Science and Research

2 ember of Scientific Board of Faculty of Art and Architecture, Branch of Science and Research, Islamic Azad University


The components of current cities , step by step have been increased, and undergone numerous change, the mechanism of city integration in total aspects including social, cultural, physical and aesthetical features encountering to numerous change. To prevent the emergence and intensification of ambivalence in urban adjacent structures that were formed over centuries, raising abilities and skills for including and integration performance of such emerging and sporadic component in a coherent and meaningful whole is essential. This paper attempting to recognize the process of new structure integration in cities and resolving the opposition of cities features in the past by new developments. Such process take place by recognizing of instable parts for changing and continuing of signs system in time span or emphasizing on their emergence context. Conversion of multilateral structure in to the integrated structure, necessitate understanding of markedness in cities. Therefore in this research accessing to a method for evaluation and finding signs and their classification in a sign system which is originating from culture, believes, history, and ruling value on society and other related affairs, is considered by emphasizing on contextualization of city signs.