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The Marked City as a Contextual City

Hamid Majedi; Zahrasadat saeedeh zarabadi

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 1-23


  The components of current cities , step by step have been increased, and undergone numerous change, the mechanism of city integration in total aspects including social, cultural, physical and aesthetical features encountering to numerous change. To prevent the emergence and intensification of ambivalence ...  Read More

Harmony in Family and Youth Religiosity of Yazd City

masoud hajizadehmeymandi; Akbar Zareshahabadi; Hamid Taghavi Maryamabadi

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 23-47


  Religion is the most important value system in any society that needs to reproduce for society's stability in next genereations. Many different factors may effect this process but socialization is the most important among them and family among socialization agencies is very important . In this article ...  Read More

The Pathology of Ethnic Issues in Iran

Abdollreza Navvah; Norollah Gheysari; seyyed Mojtaba Taghavi nasab

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010

  This study is performed to use quantitative and survey method among Arabs people of Ahwaz. In this research ethnic identity of Arabs is taken as one of the social problems and its consequences in three dimensions are studied: 1) Reduction of national identity, 2) Attitude to self determination and 3) ...  Read More

A Cultural Approach on Ghame-Zani among Khomeini Shahr Citizens

Rasoul Rabbani; Seyyed ali Hashemianfar; Mohmmad Ganji

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 71-103


  In order to give an explanation of "Ghame-Zani" in Khmoeini Shahr city of Isfahan province, the present study is dealt with the role of cultural factors effective in "Ghame-Zani". The statistical population is included in the inhabitants of Khomeini Shahr ("Ghame-zani" participants, spectators and crowds ...  Read More

Impact of Trust in State-run Organizations on Citizen`s Satisfaction

Yousef Mohammadifar; Mohammad Ahmadi; Seyed Dadvash Hashemi

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 103-127


  Today, satisfaction of citizens is an unavoidable necessity in state-run organizations which is in the apex of their goals. This paper studies the effect of trust in these organizations on the satisfaction of citizens who are served by them. Satisfaction is influenced by different variables such as trust. ...  Read More

Impact of Modernity on Spatial Structure of City in the late Gajar Dynasty

Seyed Abolhassan Riazi

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 129-149


  It seems that “space” is of the most demonstration of human thinking, reflecting in buildings and cities. Analyzing this kind of “space” will show us the lifestyle and the human view about the whole world. Modernity, as a significant development in human thought, followed by modernism ...  Read More

Rural areas of the Central County of Rostam Township

Gharib Fazelnia; Morteza Tavakoli; Kazem Tajbakhsh

Volume 3, Issue 3 , October 2010, Pages 149-177


  Culture is the most important issue affecting the development of human societies. The term of cultural development is common in recent years and can give an end to the conflict between tradition and modernity, between places and habitat. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the development ...  Read More