1 Associate Professor of Sociology, Shahid Chamran University

2 Assistant Professor of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution Insititute

3 M. A in Sociology, Peyame Nour University


This study is performed to use quantitative and survey method among Arabs people of Ahwaz. In this research ethnic identity of Arabs is taken as one of the social problems and its consequences in three dimensions are studied: 1) Reduction of national identity, 2) Attitude to self determination and 3) Attitude to violence. Macro aims of this research are to answer the following questions: what are the internal factors affecting ethnic identity of Arabs of Ahwaz? How the change in ethnic identity does affect national identity of Arabs of Ahwaz? How the change in ethnic identity does affects attitude to its self determination of Arabs of Ahwaz? How the change in ethnic identity does affect attitude to its collective violence of Arabs of Ahwaz? Statistic sample in this study was 384 male and female Arabs of Ahwaz age 18 to 65 years old. The data was taken by questionnaire and in the case of multi stage cluster sampling during winter of 2007. In order to have more precise study, a pretest questionnaire was given to 50 Arabs of Ahwaz during September of 2007. The results of bivariate analysis revealed that 21 out 22 dependent variables (except communication to foreign) were significant with ethnic identity. Also ethnic identity and national identity are negative relationship (R=0/586). In analysis of bivariate 3 dependent variables that its value and index was more than others: 1. Satisfaction of political system, 2. Relative deprivation feeling in political and economical dimension.The result of multivariate analysis of data that was performed using multivariate regression step by step revealed that 9 variables were explained ethnic identity in %58 variance of independent variable. The most important dependent variable was relative deprivation feeling in political dimension = 0. 32
Reduction of national identity was the most important consequence. The two variable, attitude to self determination and attitude to violence were the negative consequences if ethnic identity.