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Scientific Research Manuscript
Narrative Analysis Of TV Commercials

Abdollah Giuvian; Shahram Ahmadi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 1-21


  TV commercials as multifarious media texts use various contrivances of which narrative and fundamental elements of short stories can be mentioned. These texts also make use of cultural codes in order to alter audiences\' opinion and to function as influential apparatus of persuasion. So, in order to ...  Read More

Transparent principals in Religious Programs of Iranian TV

Mahdi Montazerghaem; Bashir Motamedi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 23-58


  This article reviews the three perspectives for the TV audience, program content and production system, and emphasized the production system of religious TV programs, has been trying to transparent and opaque rules of religious programs as part of the production system be explained. Context or theoretical ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Stars of the masculinity and Masculinity of the stars

Hasan Chavoshian; Seyed Javad Hosseini Rasht Abadi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 59-84


  Change in social relations may challenge superiority of men over women; so men will need an ideology that reestablishes their superiority whenever such “crisis tendencies” happen. This ideology recommends an “Ideal Masculinity” and reestablishes “normal” pattern of ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Researching Subjective Meaning System of Music Consumers

Mohammad Taghi Iman; Nasibeh Zanjari; Ebrahim Eskandari poor

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 84-112


  The purpose of this qualitative study is to explain the subjective meaning system of consumers of the popular music. Participants in this study include 21 students (male and female) living in dormitories of Shiraz University. Researches use qualitative approach of grounded theory. Technique of data collection ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
War and Everyday life: Iran and America A Media Case Study

Amin Parvin; Seyed Abdolamir Nabavi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 113-130


  These days war has became one of the most important identical factors of the Middle East in western media. As war is representing the Middle East ugly and horrible to the public opinion, is being repeated normally in the lives of the Middle Eastern residents. On the other hand, the anti-war movements ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Television & Its Cultivation Effects on Iranians’ Cultural Identity

Naser Bahonar; Tahereh Jafari Keyzaghan

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 131-156


  This paper explains the effects of TV on culture by an emphasis on ethnical and national identities. The provided results which have been obtained from a part of a scientific research in IRIB research center show that on one hand, messages on some issues have been repeatedly broadcasted from IRI TV in ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Iranian`s Cultural Identity: from Theoretical Perspective to Principles

Hasammoddin Ashna; Mohammad Reza Roohani

Volume 3, Issue 4 , February 2011, Pages 157-184


  Identity is one of the most complicated concepts in humanities and social sciences. It is a multi-aspected phenomenon which expresses different meanings from different viewpoints. Generally we can say that Identity is a result of dialect between conceptual system and socio-cultural structures. In this ...  Read More