1 M. A. in Business Administration; Institute for Social and Cultural Studies; Tehran, Iran

2 Ph. D in Business Administration, Payam-e Noor University

3 M. A. in Government Administration


Today, satisfaction of citizens is an unavoidable necessity in state-run organizations which is in the apex of their goals. This paper studies the effect of trust in these organizations on the satisfaction of citizens who are served by them. Satisfaction is influenced by different variables such as trust. Data was collected from a population of 8. 325 customers of 51 state-run organizations through context finding method. This index of trust was measured covering two major areas of customer’s expectations and their mental understanding of performance of organizations. Findings show that in most cases there are differences between expectations and performance of organizations which shows that these organizations have failed to cover customer’s needs completely. The most difference observed was related to the variable of “trust in attending people complains” while the smallest difference was related to “trust in skills of employees”. On the other hand, the study of the relationship between trust as an index and satisfaction of customers indicated a correlation of 87 between the two variables. It means that as trust increases, so does the satisfaction. Therefore, trust can be considered a factor which increases satisfaction of customers. More attention to standards and increasing sensitivity of employees and directors are recommended ways for increasing the trust.