Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Associate Professor of Culture and Communications, Imam Sadiq University

2 M. A. in Culture and Communications, Imam Sadiq University


The present study examines the relationship between using Internet social networks and some of the life style's indices. The study relies on the assumption that the Internet and virtual space, particularly online social networks, have remarkably attracted young people nowadays so far as such networks have filled most of the youths' leisure times. In the context of globalization and the advent of new communication technologies, a virtual space has emerged interacting with the real one. To measure the relationship between these two spaces, i.e. the time people allocate to the Internet and other cultural implications of being a member of social networks, the present research employs online survey and online questionnaire administration to collect data from the active users of Iranian Social Network, i.e. The findings suggest that the Internet and online social networks fill most of the youths' leisure time; people become the member of such networks with different goals of which amusement is the most significant.
Furthermore, the networks membership would partially affect cultural symbols related to individuals' everyday life including dressing and daily talks. Online social networks have also brought about changes in friend-making and marriage style which are all conclusively examined in chapter four (data analysis). The study also addresses the contents of private or group messages. To examine the contents of private messages, the research employs questionnaires and to depict a Precis picture of group messages, it uses content analysis method to examine the content of all discussed issues by young people in the network. The results of the content analysis reveal that private and group messages communicated in the Iranian Largest online social network, i.e., have different contents indicating a change in people’s life style.