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Scientific Research Manuscript
Dual Specialization of Deviances and Abnormalities of Virtual Space: A Comparative Study of International Policies

Saeid reza Ameli; Hossein Hassani

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 1-30


  The main aim of this paper is to suggest a typology of virtual deviances and also a comparative analysis of international policies concerning cyber abnormalities; and finally suggesting an applicable model for future planning. In fact with the promotion of lTC. a new kind of space for ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Internet Social Networks and Youth Life Style: A Case Study of the Largest Iranians' Virtual Community

Hassan Bashir; Mohammad Sadiq Afrasiabi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 31-62


  The present study examines the relationship between using Internet social networks and some of the life style's indices. The study relies on the assumption that the Internet and virtual space, particularly online social networks, have remarkably attracted young people nowadays so far as such networks ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
ُScience and Culture: a Look at the Most Important Cultural Analysis in Sociology of Science and Technology

Ali Rabbani; Zahra Maher

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 63-89


  Formerly most sociologists of science and technology did little to research in the formal literature of the Sociology of Culture and may even were resistant to cultural analysis. The sociologists of culture have also written little analysis on the process of knowledge and technology production. This ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Receiving SMS from Friends: the Role of Gender, Economic Status, Being Native or Non-native, and the Duration of Using Sms

Zohre Ghalili Renani; Azam Moradi; Fateme Taherpoor; Soghra Taheri

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 91-113


  The purpose of this research was to determine the share of gender, economic status, being native or non-native, and duration of using SMS in predicting the rate of the SMS received from the same sex and opposite sex friends among Isfahan University students. For sampling, 50 undergraduate students at ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Evaluating the Status Approvals about Cinema (1989 to 2009)

Elahe Dehghan Pishe; Reza Esmaeili

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 115-132


  The present study aimed to study and evaluate the state approvals in the field of The cabinet approval in mentioned period 1989 to 2009 in Iran. cinema from which keywords related to cinema is shown in their titles or texts will form this The method of this research is content analysis and the instrument ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Attitude Change in Intercultural Interpersonal Computer- Mediated Communications

Taher Roshandel Arbatani; Alireza Tehrani far; Sadra Khosravi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 133-156


  In this paper we tried to depict the effect of computer-mediated communication on attitude change in intercultural interpersonal communications. The researchers arranged 20 virtual informal deep interviews with non-Iranian interviewees who have 􀀷 been in contact with the researchers via the internet ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
A Critical Study of Chador Hijab Metamorphism in TV Representation: a Semantic Study of" the Last Sin" and "Shout Silently" Series

Ali Jafari; Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2012, Pages 157-186


  The changes of women veil in Iran after the Islamic Revolution and examining its cultural, social, political and economic aspects and outcomes is very important and has turned into a hot issue for cultural studies on veil in the Islamic Republic of Iran. "Chador' as an outstanding type of women veil ...  Read More