Document Type : Scientific Research Manuscript


1 Professor in Sociology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 M.A Student in Management of Information System, Azad University of Mashhad


The paper aims to analyze the importance of social capital dimensions and components in Imam Reza's Hadiths (RH). The research method was qualitative, interpretive and descriptive content analysis. According to the conceptual model of social capital, 56 RH out of 356 were considered as qualified for analysis. Results showed that all of social capital dimensions and components are cited as important from Imam Reza's point of view. Social capital has different degree which culminates in sacrifice and martyrdom. In the structural dimension, all of macro, middle and micro levels of social capital are cited. Of course, macro level of social network is more important which can be interpreted as universalistic view in RH. Objective structure is more dominant than the subjective. In the relational dimension, social capital is with less expectancy and compensation than retaliation, even if, the collective action is regarded. In the two thirds of the cases of RH, the direction of relation is positive which means that performance is more recommended than refusal. In the normative dimension, social capital has more worldly benefits, even if, hereafter benefits is also considered. The authors concluded that social capital as a scientific concept is completely accorded with ethical and religious concepts. Therefore, science can get help of religion for conceptual development. Also, religion and ethics for practical aims as well as to influence on society will be dependent on the experimental researches. So, human society development requires the cooperation of science and religion.