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Scientific Research Manuscript
Measuring Social Capital in Virtual Social Networks; Introducing Workable Indices

Hamid Abdollahian; Hosein Kermani

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 1-26


  This paper will attempt to offer a set of indicators that together construct a model which will help to measure social capital among users of social networks. The world is now experiencing some new changes that are affecting conceptual equations in social sciences, two of which are of our concern here: ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Sociological investigation Students of Universities' Social-Political Trust in Iran: relying on secondary analysis of some national surveys

Sayed Mahdi Etemadifard

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 27-54


  Social system based on mutual trust among members continues to exist. Social trust in modem era is more important than earlier periods. Subject of current report is focused on the trust of Iranian students in different aspects. Main question in this investigation is about social-political trust of these ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Family Social Capital and Youth Religiousness

Amir Rastegar Khaled

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 55-86


  This research with title" study of relationship between youth, s family social capital and their religiousness in Tehran city". To pay of study relationship of youth , s family social capital with kind and measure their religiousness. For do this research, choiced 358 person of youths 18 untill 29 years ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Transformation of Values, Identities & Life Styles at Iranian Society in Cinema Narration

Jamal Mohammadi; Abdollah Bicheranlo

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 87-113


  This article is to do a sociologically analysis on transformation of values, Identities and life styles at Iranian post Islamic revolution society in cinema narrations. The method of study is qualitative; first the selected movies have been analyzed by applying semiotic narration analysis based on elements ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Content analysis of social capital concept in Imam Reza's Hadiths

Hosein Behravan; Neda Behravan

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 115-149


  The paper aims to analyze the importance of social capital dimensions and components in Imam Reza's Hadiths (RH). The research method was qualitative, interpretive and descriptive content analysis. According to the conceptual model of social capital, 56 RH out of 356 were considered as qualified for ...  Read More

Scientific Research Manuscript
Quality of College Life (QCL) of Students: A Study among Tehran and Kurdestan College Students

Leila Falahati

Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2013, Pages 151-172


  The main aim of present study was to examine the quality of college life (QCL) based on the model developed by Sirgy et aI., (20] 0). The research design was correlational and the sample was comprises of 400 students from three universities including Tehran, Allameh and Kurdestan, which the respondents ...  Read More